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Cork Foundation: Powering Enterprise and Community

The Cork Foundation has a plan to help businesses and communities drive economic recovery in Cork. We are calling on people at home and abroad to come together to help lead the Cork region into a new era of sustained employment, prosperity and make the creation of jobs Cork’s Number 1 priority.

The Need

Ireland is playing an exemplary and responsible role in righting its economic affairs and lifting itself out of recession. The country is ranked 1st in the world for the availability of skilled labour. Forbes Magazine has designated Ireland the ‘best country for business in Europe’. But it’s also a time of crisis and great need. Ireland has the highest share of young people on income support in the EU. We will lose a generation if we don’t act. That’s why we need your philanthropic support.

The Solution

A genuine interest and commitment to engage and help was expressed by the Cork Diaspora. Members of the Cork business community also recognised the need for new funding models to drive the recovery of indigenous business. The Cork Foundation was established to act as the vital link between these groups, connecting the funding stream from contributors to enterprise. Through these initiatives, businesses can flourish and achieve economic success. This in turn leads to increased economic viability and employment growth within the region.




Simon Coveney

Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine

“The Cork Foundation is the key to unlock funding for business and community enterprise in Cork and will drive job creation in the region.”


Julie Sinnamon

CEO, Enterprise Ireland

“Enterprise Ireland client companies directly and indirectly employ more than 300,000 people throughout the country. The contribution of enterprises in local communities to supporting job creation and fuelling economic growth is widely recognised and is a key pillar of the government’s Action Plan for Jobs. Initiatives such as the Cork Foundation can help address a key barrier to the growth of such enterprises by helping them gain access to critical funding. This will enable businesses and communities to flourish in Cork. This is a very timely initiative which I welcome.”