• Cork City Re-Imagine Cork

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    Reimagine Cork is a unique community driven project aimed at rejuvenating and rebuilding some of the most derelict areas of Cork City. It relies on the many communities in Cork to come together to rebuild and revive run-down buildings, laneways and urban green areas, in order to bring some of the forgotten parts of Cork City back to life.

  • PMD Solutions


    We are thrilled to now be in a really strong position to ramp up our staffing levels which in turn allows me to focus on the commercialisation of our device so that we can approach market in 2014. Without this finance, our ability to enter the market was seriously hindered as our budget is extremely tight. We are very grateful and proud to have been selected as one of the first-round beneficiaries of Cork Foundation.

  • Northside Community Enterprises


    With the grant funding provided by Cork Foundation, Northside Community Enterprises is now in a position to employ two additional staff enabling the community enterprises to offer enhanced services at its “Little Hands” Childcare Centre in Farrenferris.

  • Cork Life Centre


    We could not be happier to have been involved with the Cork Foundation for the past number of months. They may be a new organisation on the Cork scene but are making a big impact due the tremendous networking and relationship-building they are undertaking in the Cork Community

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