• Cork City- Benchspace- €40,000

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    Benchspace Cork is the first shared wood workshops of its kind in Ireland. It provides affordable access to work benches and professional standard machinery to local furniture makers and designers, particularly to graduates and early career professionals.
    It significantly cuts the cost of starting a new fine furniture or woodworking business in Cork by sharing the cost of equipment, rent and commercial rates.

  • Cork City – Common Purpose – €20,000

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    At Common Purpose we are entirely focused on finding leaders within society and helping people develop important and necessary leadership skills.

    We are a non-for-profit organisation currently running leadership development programmes that offer participants the inspiration, knowledge and connections to help them become more active and engaged in society.

  • Cork – First Light – €15,000

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    First Light is an organisation which focuses on providing the necessary support and help to parents and families who experience the sudden loss of a child or young person.

    It is estimated that on average in Cork every year 300 parents, families and front line professionals are effected by the sudden death of a child. At First Light we provide professional, appropriate and qualified support in these cases.

  • Blackpool – Cork Community Art Link – €30,000


    Cork Community Art Link is a community arts organisation facilitating collaborations between artists, communities, groups and individuals.

    We aim to, through the creation of art in communities support and encourage social integration, community well being, and healthy sustainable development in the communities of Cork.

    The main aims of our initiative is to create access to the arts for all, celebrate all local cultures, provide platforms for diverse groups to work together and to encourage and develop creativity in communities

  • Blackrock – Blackrock Castle Observatory €50,000

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    Blackrock Castle was in 2002 transformed from a derelict historical building into an observatory and science centre and Ireland’s first science and discovery centre based on astronomy and space.

    Currently we provide the opportunity to view exhibits and tour the castle while also operating educational tours and demonstrations for schools and large groups.

  • Cork City – Cork Environmental Forum – Approx. €15,000

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    The Cork Environmental Forum was established in 1995. Founded initially by Cork County Council, CEF is now an independent limited company with charitable status through its reliance on various funding streams.

    Our underlying aim is to foster, promote and implement sustainable development at a local level in the Cork region. To date we have primarily achieved this through workshops, training, and seminars on the best practices to follow to ensure sustainable development in Cork.

  • Curraheen- Field of Dreams – €200,000

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    Field of Dreams is a Cork based organisation devoted to ensuring that adults with Down Syndrome in Cork can participate in and contribute as fully as possible to their communities in order to help enrich the life of Cork.

    Located on the Munster Agriculture Society grounds at Curraheen, we aim to use a horticultural setting in order to improve members physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Glanmire – Junior Achievement Ireland – €10,000

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    Junior Achievement Ireland is a non-for-profit initiative which aims to, by working in partnership with Irish corporations bring the world of work into Irish classrooms.

    High impact, interactive programmes and projects are used to inspire primary and secondary school students to consider and pursue careers in STEM, Enterprise, Finance and Business.

  • Cork – The Health Zone – €10,000

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    The Health Zone is an organisation aimed at promoting and encouraging people to lead a healthier, happier more authentic life.

    We achieve this primarily through interviews on our radio show; “The Health Zone Show” and our creation and promotion of events which empower, encourage and enable individuals to make major positive changes to their lives .

  • Cork – Nurture Post Natal Depression Support Services €30,000

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    We are a nationwide maternal mental health Organisation that offers women & partners one to one counselling and supports for pre and post pregnancy. We are the only organisation specialising in maternal mental health. We have a no wait list policy and our supports are accessible, affordable and can be subsidised when necessary.

  • Cork City IWISH €15,000

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    IWISH is a city and regional schools initiative to inspire Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem). The idea, the dream, the wish, is to promote greater female participation in STEM, to ensure that Ireland maximizes its talent pool and continues to attract skilled jobs.

  • Killeagh Active Connections €30000

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    We support young people 10-25 experiencing mentally or behavioural difficulties. We are Irelands only adventure therapy programme working with young people, do this by helping these participant build strengths and resiliency by facing physically and mentally challenging activities.

  • Cork City – Cork Cares €10,000

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    Cork Cares is a social enterprise which enables Cork consumers and businesses to give back to local charities whilst also getting something in return. We operate an online marketplace (corkcares.ie) where consumers can buy deals from Cork businesses and at least 20% of each sale is donated to a local charity.

  • Cork City & Cork County – Rebel Wheelers €30,000 approx.

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    Rebel Wheelers is a multi-sports club which caters specifically for children with a physical disability. Our mission is to empower children with a physical disability by introducing them to sport in a safe, fun environment. We aim to promote independence , health and wellbeing through participation in sport.

  • Cork City & Cork County – Age Action €30,000 approx.

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    Age Action is Ireland’s leading charity for older people. Our mission is to make Ireland the best country in which to grow older. We work to promote positive ageing, fight discrimination and improve policies and services for older people.

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