The Cork Foundation is about Cork people helping other Cork people and their local community.

Make a Donation

Do you want to invest in a project in your community? Are you passionate about a certain project?

We can help identify suitable projects and monitor and manage your donation so that the donation is spent helping shaping and creating your community making an impact on towns and villages across Cork City and County.

Click below to make a donation to the fund.


Volunteer your Time and Expertise

You or your company could donate personal expertise to help with some of the work we have under way. If you have any particular skillset we want to hear from you.

If you think you can help we want to hear from you!


Are you an organisation or an individuals who want to give back to the Cork community through supporting social projects or local community based charities and initiatives. Support can be financial or in the form of time, staff or skills to help improve life in Cork.


Are you an organisation or an individual with valuable Cork connections who would engage in supporting Social Enterprise, Community and Voluntary Organisations in Cork City and County to create and sustain viable businesses and job creation opportunities.


Are you passionate about Cork, can you act as an Ambassadors for the Cork Foundation promoting the organisation and its cause, inspiring others to give back to Cork.


Are you willing to lead an overseas Chapter for the Cork Foundation, connecting diaspora in your region and inspiring the diaspora to engage in the Cork Foundation.


Are you an individual, a local Cork business or a diaspora focused organisation who are willing to support the Cork Foundation, In any capacity .

If you can play any of the above roles, we would love to hear from you